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Alia Custom Homes provides value-added home construction services to our clients. We are a group of talented individuals with a real-estate & housing market experience of over 20 years. Our specialty is to make our client’s vision a reality.
Our expert team works with the client at each-and-every step of home building process to ensure they get a home which will fit their budget and needs for years to come. At Alia Custom Homes we believe transparent communication and planning is the most important aspect of any project. This is where we help our clients with all details for the project. We offer customizable plans based on client’s needs. Our promise is to build lasting relationships with our clients by exceeding their expectations and gaining trust through our outstanding performance.
Alia Custom Homes was established with an existing portfolio of properties of Garg Brothers Property Management. We have acquired additional properties and lots since inception of business, without any external financing. Our strength can be easily demonstrated from the equity built in our existing portfolio, which does not have any construction loans.


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