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It’s about time you have created a most elegant website and now checking everyday that new sale mail to arrive in your inbox but no luck.
Keeping fingers crossed to check thousands of visitors to appear in your stats and counters but no traffic?

So where are you exactly lacking?
Answer is SEO – a wide variety of optimization techniques help you found on the web and make your site search engine friendly.There are two main categories:

  • On Page/Site Optimizations
  • Off Page/Site Optimizations

These two processes just work hand to hand and success of each also depends on how effectively both techniques are implemented. In a nutshell On-site SEO helps search engines determine what your site is about whereas Off-site SEO focuses on driving relevant, authoritative links and traffic from other sites back to your site. So let’s check out both techniques in action one by one.


On Page/Site Optimizations

Page optimization is extremely important for your website to be noted by the search engines. If search engines do not know that your website exists, chances are that people would know zero about the existence of your website too.

When each and every page of your website is different than its meta tags also need a unique treatment with their very own a title, description and some keywords .Generating Alt and title tags for all graphics make visuals compatible with search engines – otherwise how will robots understand what your graphic means?

Also what is the use of a website which does not load in time for a user – we don’t wait for your site to load and go away.
So after doing On Site Optimizations when an individual enters a keyword in a search engine, search engine would identify the text present in your website.

Off Page/Site Optimizations

Off Site Seo in simple terms can be seen us building good neighborhood. Acquiring quality back links , doing press releases , online marketing , article submissions , quality and crisp content which ads up to building an authority of your website.
And the ver new technique which has been added up in off page/site optimizations is creating your social presence commonly know as social media enhancement.

It just like real world situation if you have more credit ratings people will keep coming to you again and again. So Off site Seo can also be seen as a technique for increasing your creditability over the web.

Seo Is A Magic – But it does not happen overnight – patience is the key!

We have seen a lot of people giving their websites to us and wanting them to be ranked on search engines the next day. Our expectation to doing quality optimization work would be one week-two weeks depending on the pages in the website. Since we do keyword analysis as an associated activity, by two weeks time your website would be ready to be detected by search engines.
To be honest, it would take anywhere between the next 3-6 months for your website to reach the top ladder of search engine rankings.
Optimization requires a lot of technical expertise in doing this. If you are not comfortable with the terms of optimization of your website, pick up the phone and speak to us. It does not matter to us if your website is 2 pages long or 25 pages all experts are all ears for your problems.


So what are you waiting for contact us now and make you website heard and seen !
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