The company helped Council overhaul IT services

For Immediate Release: June 17, 2015

Winnipeg, Manitoba: This June (2015), NSD Tech Inc. was featured in Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council’s (MIIC) 2014-2015 Annual Report for its role in redesigning and modernizing MIIC’s Information Technology (IT) practices.
NSD Tech Inc. was at the forefront of overhauling Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council’s Information Technology (IT) standards and training materials for MIIC staff. Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council’s IT department is now a leader within the organization in upgrading IT services and guiding staff to troubleshoot simple IT issues after significant training led by NSD Tech’s Sumegha.
NSD Tech Inc. designed and developed MIIC’s new management information system, Client and Refugee Management Information System (CARMIS). NSD Tech Inc. organized and implemented new business practices which arose from the introduction of CARMIS to the organization and provided training to all staff. MIIC’s IT department now provides secure development and administrative support for the client data management system when dealing with sensitive client data.
NSD Tech Inc. also modernized the Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council’s communication practices for staff by upgrading email and calendar services. MIIC now has state of the art secured access to shared calendars and mail for staff on/off-site and on multiple authorized devices. This assists with the ease of communication and the flow of information within and between departments.
NSD Tech Inc. designed and produced printed materials for marketing, promotional and educational purposes in multiple languages to serve clients and the public. Some notable items NSD Tech Inc. designed was a booklet written to serve Syrian refugees by providing them with information about Canada and what services are available to them, promotional material about MIIC and the services they offer available at MIIC’s front desk, as well as a page with statistics and graphs at a Syrian refugee fundraiser.
Most importantly, however, NSD Tech Inc. developed and implemented the cloud-based Immigration Contribution Agreement Reporting Environment (iCare) data validation tool. What this tool does is essentially communicates with the Canadian Government’s iCare system which is designed to support the delivery of settlement services, and the measurement of service activities and outcomes. iCARE expands Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)’s reporting capabilities and the refinement of statistical reporting measures. NSD Tech Inc’s cloud-based iCare data validation tool has reduced the error rate in submitting data to icare from over sixty percent to under two percent.

Rita Chahal, Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council’s Executive Director, wrote in the 2014-2015 Annual Report about the impact Sumegha and NSD Tech Inc. has had on the organisation “…we were fortunate to have the support and gentle guidance of our new IT consultant Sumegha Gupta (NSD Tech) who helped us manage the transition and introduce us to new possibilities and emerging technologies”

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