NSD Tech Inc. Launches CARMIS

The data management system will better manage Syrian refugee crisis

For Immediate Release: April 26, 2016

Winnipeg, Manitoba: This April (2016), NSD Tech Inc. launched CARMIS, a new, innovative artificial intelligence-based data management system.

The locally designed and developed system, CARMIS, or Clients and Refugees Management Information System, simplifies federal reporting requirements and data flow for agencies who specifically serve immigrants and refugees across Canada. CARMIS is supported by 40+ years of software development expertise. Its thorough feature-set makes it the best management software for social service enterprises. CARMIS allows flexibility, mobility and ease of access to up-to-date information. This allows settlement workers to assist their clients in a more streamlined, clear, organized way.

The announcement was held at Welcome Place, located at 521 Bannatyne Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Welcome Place is the home of the Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council Inc. (MIIC), Manitoba’s largest refugee settlement agency. The agency’s purpose is to deliver services to integrate newcomers and refugees into Canadian society. The event was attended by both the Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council Staff and Board of directors, as well as representatives from NSD Tech Inc.

NSD Tech Inc. has partnered with MIIC to assist with the recent Syrian refugee crisis. MIIC has played an instrumental role in managing a large number of refugees that Canada has welcomed into the country. MIIC has been at the forefront of assisting Syrian refugees with the settlement process, such as receiving health care, finding adequate housing, navigate Government services and become familiar with Canadian services and customs. CARMIS will help the organization manage incoming client information and better assist clients with their settlement in Canada.

For more information:

CARMIS: http://carmis.ca/

Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council: http://miic.ca

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