We met Nitin and Sumegha / NSDTech as clients when they were looking for a home. They are unique and quite pleasant to deal with. We found out about their business and started using them to take care of all our IT, Websites, Business Plans and all other nightmare issues with any and all IT fun stuff. This day of age, you have so many choices and that does pose a serious problem as to which way to go. I believe that you have to go with the person, not what they offer as service or product. Nitin and Sumegha do offer a very detailed approach and we have used their services for us and all our clients when they need any IT services.
They are very dedicated and offer practical cost effective solutions.
Ever since they took over all our TECH issues, life is beautiful. They are there 24/7 and always take care of us and other clients that we have referred to them.
We strongly suggest that you give them a call to see what difference they can make for you.