I have known Sumegha for more than 15 years as a consulting colleague, successful entrepreneur and a close friend. Sumegha is diligent, detail-oriented, with excellent analytical and technical skills. Her business acumen, client focused approach and the ability to integrate both, for the benefit of the customer is what sets her apart from others. For the past 10 years, I have witnessed her consistently raising the bar for the clients with optimum costs and excellent quality. Another factor that makes me vouch for Sumegha and NSD Tech is that, not only are they able to deliver high quality services within the committed timelines they are also able to use emerging technologies and provide a unique user experience. The designs produced by NSD Tech under her leadership are sleek, contemporary and universally appealing. Sumegha is an entrepreneur par excellence and I highly recommend NSD Tech as an organization for the value it brings to it’s customers, stakeholders and the global IT industry.